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How to Become a Stockist of ÉTÄN RUM

Étän rum is a 43% abv golden spiced rum. A rum which has been distilled with a unique collection of five botanicals (“spices”) found in West Africa- Cameroon: Fevergrass, Orange peel, Cassia, Ginger and Vanilla. Without added sugar, Étän focuses on the natural sweetness and spice found in the rum and botanicals. This clearly addresses the sugar/calorie intake issue drinkers have with dark spirits. This also makes Étän a keto friendly rum, as it’s nutritional profile sits at 0 across all areas, with 66 calories per 25ml, coming from only the alcohol itself.

Case purchases of the 5cl,  50cl or the new 70cl bottles can be made direct to Étän rum and not through the website. 

If you are interested in buying Étän rum in wholesale quantities, please enquire via our contact form:

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